Wedding Service

DJ consultation - From the moment we set up your initial consultation our personalized service begins & continues. Here, we'll discuss your wedding plans as they currently stand, along with some of the plans, ideas, & music selections that will be incorporated into your reception. We prefer to handle this consultation in person so that you the bride & groom can get to look first hand at who we are & what we professionalize in. However, for your convenience, this meeting can also take place over the phone.

Coordinating & Production - In the weeks & months between your first & finalizing consultations, we are available to you for answers & advice as your plans develop & change. We'll keep in touch to gather updated information, & we'll work with the other members of your wedding team (event coordinators, wedding planners, venue managers, caterers, photographers, etc) to assist you in any way we can. This leads to our next stage of coordination.

Finalizing Coordination & Production - At this we will finalize all the ceremony and/or reception details, from the itinerary, timelines & music selection, to the correct pronunciations of the names of your wedding party. (We want those introductions to be right!) Your event materials are then produced & printed out for you to review and make sure we have everything perfect.

With all our planning & preparation on your wedding day, we are well prepared to successfully orchestrate the plans you've worked so hard on. We promise to make your wedding a day to remember for ever.

Thank you.

Duane Velasquez (DJ V)